The words of the LORD are pure words ... -- Psalm 12:6AV Bible 2011 (version 7.0)

This latest release has been tested with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, but not with Windows 10.  Users of older releases of Windows should download AV Bible 2007). AV Bible is now in its seventeenth year; the AV Bible for Windows first appeared in 1996. The printed AV bible was first published in 1611 (over 400 years ago; not long after the invention of the printing press).

Download the latest release of AV Bible by clicking here (7 megabytes).

AV Bible facilitates the search & study of God's Word: the AV 1611 (King James) Bible.
AV Bible also publishes Microsoft-Word and WordPerfect documents!

Use it as an electronic concordance for your personal bible study. Or take it to the mission field and publish bibles on your printer. This software is free and freely distributable. By all means, give it away!

Please report any problems on Facebook to the "AV Bible" group or contact me by email if you are not on Facebook.

View the release history here.


The words of the LORD are pure words ... -- Psalm 12:6AV Bible 2007 (version 5.4.07)

Refreshed in Februrary of 2010, AV2007 is still available for download. This release has been tested with Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. This is the latest version of AV Bible which contains integration with Microsoft Word and can be run side-by-side with AV 2011.

Download the AV 2007 by clicking here (less than 4 megabytes).

Please report any problems on Facebook to the "AV Bible" group or contact me by email if you are not on Facebook.


Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.AV Bible 2000 - (version 1.7)
AV-2000 is still available. It shares the same underlying bible text as the latest releases of AV Bible, but implements a slightly different processing engine. On slower machines and/or limited-memory (computers with less than 256 megabytes of RAM), AV-2000 may indeed suit your needs better than the latest AV Bible releases. AV-2000 has been tested on Windows-2000, Windows-98, Windows-95, and Windows NT.

AV-2000 is also known to run with older versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer. There has been more significant testing of AV-2000 on older versions of Windows, such as Windows95 and Windows98. But you make the choice between AV-2000 and the latest version. However, side-by-side installation of AV-2000 with more recent versions of AV Bible is not recommended.

Download AV-2000 by clicking here (about 3 megabytes).



The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it. -- Psalm 68:11AV MDK  (Version 5.4.07  Build 62.xa211)
You can publish and distribute the latest release of AV 2007 on CDROM or diskettes. Of course distribution, as always, is royalty free. Make as many copies as you like and give them to as many people as you choose. However, you need a separate kit to distribute the AV 2007 on diskettes. In order to distribute AV Bible on diskettes, you'll need to download the AV Media Distribution Kit (AV MDK).

Use the AV MDK to create diskettes for your friends, family, and aquaintances. If you do distribute AV-Bible on floppies, please let me know (send me email) as I'd like to know if anyone is still using this feature. I'd also be glad to provide further instructions if things are not completely clear.

Click here to download the AV MDK (creates floppy disks).

There is also a zipped archive: to distribute AV 2007 on CDROM; the contents of the zip file can be burned to a CDROM or flash drive. The Zip file for CDROM distribution is available here.

The AV-MDK "Floppy Disk Creator" also provides a Microsoft Word Document that allows you to print Avery "5196" labels, providing a production-level appearence. Similarly, CDROM labels are contained within the zip file.

Finally, if you would like to use an AV Bible CDROM as promotional material for your church, the entire application and packaging can be branded for your church or ministry. Startup pages for the application can even point to your own local church web-site. There is a nominal fee for this service, but I'd be glad to discuss if it's possible to meet your budget constraints.



The words of the LORD are pure words ... -- Psalm 12:6The Digital-AV SDK - For Developers and Engineers

The latest release of the Digital-AV SDK is available for download; This SDK (Software Development Kit) is intended for developers and engineers Please let me know if you're using it.



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Last modified: 5 January 2019